The police of Malaysia strike at online gambling once again

In latest raids are arrested 24 people

Operation Dadu of the Malaysian police against internet gambling continues this week with raids carried on six Labuan region premises. It resulted in 24 individuals being arrested.

Documentary evidence and cash were also seized by police together with 79 computes during the operation, as reported by Supt Adzhar Othman, a police spokesman.

?Police from Labuan will give priority to efforts for dealing with online gambling problem and info from public will be particularly in demand in order to prevent the rampant online gambling occurrence,? the Bernama news agency was told by him.

The warning of Adzhar is that the police should collaborate with companies for local electricity supply to ensure that the raided premises are denied power to help cut the recurrence of the offence.

Online gambling operators from Malaysia are now well-known for being able to absorb raids by police. As it is often the case, they obtain new equipment fast renew their business almost immediately.

There are also other ways how police in Malaysia fights with illegal betting.

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