How to Be a Smarter, More Successful Gambler

A smart gambler is one who plays to win or at least tires to lose as little as possible. It isn’t hard to be a smart gambler. You just have to know what you are up against and what you can do to tilt the odds in your favor.Get informed about casino games. Before you decide on which game to play, you have to understand its rules, odds, payback percentage and bankroll requirements. Serious gambling means serious study and work. You need to invest a considerable amount of time, money and energy into it. So make sure that the game you choose is the right one. Get the facts straight. Myths abound in the gambling world.

A common myth is believing that just because a number hasn’t come up in the lotto draws lately, it must appear soon. That is not true. The probability of a number being drawn is the same in one draw as in any other. No system can predict when a number is going to appear. Concentrate on games of skill, not games of chance. Chance is the god of gambling. It is the hand of fate that no one can see or control. If you are a gambler who is playing to win, you must cut chance out of the picture as much as you are able to.

That means looking for and learning games of skill. The more a game can be controlled by skill, the less you rely on chance. Example games of skill are poker and blackjack. Concentrate on games with a low or negative house edge. This is obvious. You want to play those games that will cost you less when you lose. With experience, you can improve on this further by using strategy, comps and special promos from the casinos themselves. Look for special offers, gimmicks and promotions.

These may be games with special payoffs, tournament invitations, gifts and more. You should take advantage of everything the casino offers you. It all adds to the money you save and/or earn while gambling. Keep learning new games. As smart gamblers master the games with good payback and a high level of skill, casinos eliminate these games or change their rules to give them poorer odds. If you stick to a game or two and stop learning, you will soon find yourself playing nothing when that game disappears. You have to keep studying and looking for new ways to beat the casino. Play online. The smartest thing you can do as a gambler is to play online. It is simply a better deal in every way. In online gambling, you get higher payback, zero travel costs and 24/7 availability of your favorite games.

Play in our recommended casinos online and you will know why playing online is the right decision. Don’t play the lottery. Want to save money in just one step? Avoid this. The odds are so awful it’s just not worth playing!

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